Friday, April 15, 2011

Photos at my Grandmother' s house

I was a little upset over leaving Japan.  All the things that happened were almost unfathomable.  I feel so bad for all the Japanese people that lost everything.  They are such a beautiful set of patient, polite, and persistant.  Please continue to pray for the people of Japan.

Going back to the States, I got an opportunity to visit my family in MS.  It is so beautiful here and so warm, but I am not staying here.  I am staying with my in-laws in MN, so I am only here for short period of time.  : (  I tried to embrace my time here as much as possible and I got to take some gorgeous portraits of my daughter here.  We stayed in a cabin at the lake a couple of days and my children had the best time.  Overall, it has been a great trip, but I miss my husband, home, and just my regular life in general.

Here are some portraits and snapshots of my family during our time here.

 Teresa Hart Photography
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