Monday, December 28, 2009

iheartfaces "Hilarious Outakes"

This week over at  is "hilarious outakes" week. Wow, I have so many of those it was hard to choose! lol

Here are a few and a description of each:

This is my son, just being himself really. lol

This is my daughter and her friend. Who knows what they were looking at, but it must have been pretty interesting.

These are the twins. As you can see they get along great, most of the time that is.

Here are the twins again. They are so curious!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i heart faces/ Autumn Beauty Challege

Here is my entry for this week over at iheartfaces. This week's theme is "Autumn Beauty."

This is my daughter, Coral, this autumn. Fall is my favorite season and I really like the colors in this one.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

i heart faces/Week 38/Blue Photo Challenge

This week over at iheartfaces they are having a "blue" photo challenge.

I thought of this picture of my sister-in-law because of her great blue eyes.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

iheartfaces//Back to school/Week 35

Wow, it has been quite awhile since I entered a contest on iheartfaces. Anyway, here goes.

This week at they are having a "Back to School" photo challenge. I knew immediately which photo I would use for this challenge. This is my daughter and my son this year. She is going into 6th grade and my son is going into 2nd grade.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lake Towada and Oirase Gorge

Yeah! We are going back to the States for a visit soon. It has been too long. We have been in Japan since 2006. It will be nice to see everyone and introduce the twins to them. Just pray for us on the plane ride with 2 toddlers! lol

I have been taking so many photos lately. On Sunday, we went to Aomori, Japan. It is about an hour and a half away, so not bad at all. We went to a beautiful place called Oirase Gorge. There are tons of waterfalls there and trails to hike. It was a little difficult with the twins, but we managed. We also visited Lake Towada. It was great to get out of the local area. I love to explore Japan!!

Here are some photos.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life is so Busy

Wow, I have gotten so behind on posting. Since the kids are out of school I am so busy trying to keep them busy. It has rained here almost everyday this month. For the past 4 days, no rain..keep my fingers crossed. I am enjoying the nice weather. The highest temperature is around the low 80's. We are headed to the States next week for a visit. I hear the weather is VERY hot there so it will be a shock to our systems. We will be there for 45 days. My mother-in-law bought all of us tickets to go to Disneyland while we are there. The kids are so excited. I haven't seen my parents in 4 years, so it will be nice to catch up.

The kids and I have been going all around lately. Coral and I got to go to a park last weekend and take photos. It was so nice to just be with her. I hardly ever get a chance to be with my kids one on one anymore. I am always with all of them. I need to spend more one on one time with each of them.

Anyway, enough rambling, here are some photos I have taken recently. I am pleased with my progress. I notice that my photos are looking better lately. I finally got my Sigma 50mm f1.4 and I really like it. I am still getting used to it though. My camera usually tells me the picture is underexposed when it is overexposed in manual mode, so I will have to learn to read for that particular lens.

Monday, June 22, 2009

i heart faces Week 24


This week over at the theme is all about the boys. It was hard for me to decide since I have 3 boys! I finally decided on this picture of my son Emerson. Go on over and check out the other entries at

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I took tons of photos of my daughter yesterday. She is such a good sport. She is my only daughter so I constantly take photos of her. Here are some of the pictures. Yes, I know the headband thing looks kind of weird. My husband keeps telling me over and over. Oh well, she is beautiful no matter what to me. I was going for a seventies vibe anyway. lol

Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring pictures

Finally, I get around to putting these on here. These are some photos I took awhile ago, just been too busy to post them.

iheartfaces/ Week 19

This week over at the theme is your favorite up close shot. This is one of my favorite pictures of my son, Logan. I love his expression and his eyes. I hope you like it! Head on over to to check out the other entries.
"I am submitting this photo into the Blurb Book photo contest. I am granting I ♥ Faces permission to use my photo in a printed version of a book for commercial use and possibly advertising of a photo book on both the Blurb and I ♥ Faces web sites."

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The twins are almost 2!! And my son is almost 8!

So, on the 23rd, the twins will be 2 and my son, Mckenzie, will be 8. Yes, that is right, I have 3 birthdays all on the same day! Where has time gone? And why do I still have "baby weight" after 2 years?? I just can't believe how the kids are growing so fast! My daughter will be 12 in July. A teenager next year! Whoa!! My kids get tired of me snapping pictures of them constantly, but I tell them they will be so happy to look back at those pictures one day and remember when they were younger. I really need to start taking more pictures of myself with my kids! That is my new goal! I have a tripod and a remote, so I should be able to manage it! Life goes by so fast and I want to catch all the memories I can!

Monday, May 11, 2009

iheartfaces - Week 18

This week's theme over at is laughter. I think this is an exciting theme and I have a gret photo of my daughter for this one. This photo was taken on the beach down the road from my house. I think my daughter looks exuberant, braces and all! Anyhow, head on over to to check out the other entries!

BTW, I used Pioneer Woman's actions to edit this photo. I used Boost, Seventies, and slight sharpen. Thanks Pioneer Woman!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Well, we decided to go camping this weekend. We were a little skeptical whether or not to go because of the twins. We thought it over and decided to go somewhere close just in case. When we got to the campsite, everything was great. We took the twins walking around and to play at the playground. We were really trying hard to tire them out so they would go to sleep at night. They usually go to bed around 6PM everynight. Even though we tired them out, they were still up and running around at 8. We all laid down in the tent and we decided to play like we were sleeping and let them run around and they would eventually fall asleep. Well, Emerson went to sleep almost immediately, but Logan just kep running around kissing everyone and hugging them. My daughter and I were trying so hard not to laugh. It was so cute and sweet. At 9:00, Logan was still awake and I had to go use the restroom. My daughter and I left the tent and Logan stayed with his dad. Coral and I decided to stay in the car when we got back so we didn't wake Logan up if he was almost asleep. My husband finally got Logan asleep around 9:45, so we decided to cook some more food. We all went to bed about 10:30. We were all sleeping, but Logan woke up screaming around 11:30. He was screaming so loud that he woke Emerson up too! My husband decided to take the twins in the van for a ride. After all there were other campers all around us and we didn't want to disturb them. Nate took them for a ride and Logan fell asleep right away, but Emerson would not go back to sleep. My husband brought Emerson back into the tent and he finally fell asleep with me. My husband was too afraid to move Logan so he slept on the floor of our van with him for awhile. Logan eventually woke up and Nate brought him back into the tent, then he fell asleep. Finally, every one is sleeping. Before we knew it, Logan woke up again!! This time is was 4:00 in the morning!! At that point, we took Logan to the van so he wouldn't wake Emerson up. Emerson woke up around 5:30 and then we just decided to leave. The moral of this story is to never take two toddlers camping!!
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