Monday, November 14, 2011

Bridal / Trash the dress

So, I had a model casting call for someone who wanted to take photos in their wedding dress...I had a lot of interest, but I choose this model because I liked her dress style and was more what I was looking for.  She was great at our session and was willing to do whatever.  It was so much fun!  I am learning more and more that I like working with one person at a time.

 Here you go...

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i heart faces challenge / "Autumn Splendor"

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

Here is my entry for "Autumn Splendor" this week over at i heart faces.  I made all four of my children do this for our holiday card this year (individually, of course).....too hard to get all of them to pose all at once.  Am I the only photographer who thinks their kids are the HARDEST to photograph?

Anyways, hope you like it!  : )

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Photo Challenge/ People's Choice

This is my entry for the iheartfaces challenge this week.

Hope you enjoy it!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Beautiful Family

I was so happy to photograph this family again.  Gionna is growing up fast!  Last time I took her portraits, she was a newborn.  Wow, time flies.

I am sad to say that this family will be PSCing soon, so this was the last time I will get the opportunity to photograph them here in Misawa. 

Here are some of my favorites from our session.

Teresa Hart Photography


Meet Kai.  I was so happy to hear that I would be photographing little Kai.  He was such a great model at our session and I had a great time chatting with his mom!

Here are a couple of my favorites!

Teresa Hart Photography

Another beautiful mom to be...

Isn't she the cutest?  I love to do studio sessions with maternity clients.  It was pouring rain out the day of our session, so all worked out perfectly.  Here are a couple of my favorites from our session!

Teresa Hart Photography

Misawa Celebrity

I was so excited when Karla contacted me about doing her maternity/newborn portraits.  I mean, she is kind of a celebrity here.  For those of you know don't know, she is on the news here and she is on the radio too.

I had a great time photographing her and her husband.  I can't wait to meet their beautiful little boy!

Teresa Hart Photography

Cute little one

What a beautiful little girl I got to photograph awhile back!  She was very close to turning one.  At our session, she wanted me to hold her and she was very sweet. 

Here are a couple of my favorite shots!

Teresa Hart Photography


This little one is so adorable.  I still love to photograph newborns so much! 

We did his session just in time.  His dad had to leave on deployment the next day.  I am so happy that I got to capture some portraits of Caleb and dad before he left.

Teresa Hart Photography

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beautiful Couple

I love to photograph couples!  They are so much fun and are usually willing to go where ever you suggest would be a great location.  I am always looking for new locations around the area, so it was a great time to try some new ones out.

Thank you again for choosing me as your photographer!

Teresa Hart Photography

Big boy!

This not so little one was born at 9 pounds 14 ounces!  WOW!  He was about 3 weeks when I took these portraits.  He was a little hard to settle and pose, but I still managed to get some great shots of him!

Thank you for choosing me as you photographer!

Teresa Hart Photography


Okay, let me start by saying that I really have a great time photographing teen girls.  I guess I have a lot of experience since my daughter is the same age as this young lady.  I had so much fun with her and she was a great model!

Thank you again!

Teresa Hart Photography

Thank you Misawa!

Okay, trying to catch up on blogging today.  I have so many beautiful portraits that I have taken lately.  I have been super busy and it is hard to keep up.  Last week, I had 5 sessions!  For some photographers, that may not be a lot, but for me, it is.  I usually try and take only 1 or 2 sessions a week.  I am very thankful to all that have chosen me as their photographer and that I am super busy that last fall that I have left in Misawa.

I said this before and I will say it again.  I really do have the best clients!  I know that my clients don't choose me because I am the cheapest option, but because they value what I do as much as me.  That makes me very appreciative and happy! So, I just wanted to say thank you again to all of my wonderful clients here in Misawa!

Here are some images I took of my daughter lately that I wanted to share.  Also, I really need to thank her for being so patient.  She is a teenage girl after all and we all know how impatient they can be!  LOL

Teresa Hart Photography


I love to photograph this little one!  I photographed him when he was a newborn and he is already 6 months old!  Wow, time flies.

He was so great at our session and mom gave me permission to do whatever, so I was very happy!

Here are a few from our session.

Teresa Hart Photography

Cute kids everywhere!

I have a great job!  I really, really love it.  I get to meet and photograph tons of people and give them something they can cherish forever!

Lately, I have gotten to photograph such cute kids and I have many more coming!

Here is one little cutie that I got to photograph awhile back(yes, I am way behind on blogging again!)

Teresa Hart Photography

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Totally cute couple + pets

This couple is so cute!  They have 3 little dogs that were suprisingly easy to photograph.  Sometimes dogs are harder to photograph than children.  On top of being really cute, the little dogs were so easy and fun to photograph!

Thank you again for choosing me as your photographer!

Teresa Hart Photography

Before and afters

I love before and afters.  I really love to show how a photo looks before I edit it.  The usually look good out of camera, but they really come to life after they are edited.  Here are a couple of examples.

Teresa Hart Photography

Catching up..again

Okay, so I should keep of with my blog better.  Keeping up with four kids, a husband, house, a business is a lot of work! 

I had the honor of photographing this little girl a couple of weeks ago.  She was great during our session and she is the only little girl I had lined up for newborns, so it was especially fun.  Here is one of my favorites of her precious portraits.

Thank you again for choosing me as your photographer!

Teresa Hart Photography

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another beautiful mom to be...

I had such a great time on this shoot!  The soon to be parents were so patient with me and so easy going.  I love to photograph newborns and can't wait for their son to arrive!

Here are a couple of photos from our shoot!

Thanks again for choosing me as your photographer!

Teresa Hart Photography

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

iheartfaces / "Props" photo challenge

I love this week's theme over at i heart faces.  I really like to incoorporate props into my photography.  Props are so much fun!

Here is a photo I took last weekend.  I wanted to set up a vintage looking shoot for my son.  I have twins and I really wanted to get both of them in these, but sometimes you take what you can get.  : )

Head on over to i heart faces and check out all the wonderful entries!

Teresa Hart Photography

Vintage shoot

I had the cutest shoot with one of my sons the other day.  He is so good in front of the camera.  He is the only one of my children (besides my daughter) who will ever let me take photos of them.  I try so hard to take photos of all of them, but it is getting hard to convince them to cooperate.  : (

Anyway, here are a couple from the other day.

Teresa Hart Photography

Catching up

Okay, so I behind on blogging again.  Ha, easy to get behind. 

Over the weekend, I got to meet a beautiful mother to be.  I love my job and having the opportunity to photograph many people and families, but I also love it because I get to meet so many new people.  It was so nice to talk to "T".  We have quite a bit in common.

Here are a couple of shots from our studio session.

Thank you for choosing me as your photographer!

  Teresa Hart Photography

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Organic Bloom

 I am excited to announce that I have been selected to be a vendor for the Organic Bloom.  We are so limited in Misawa on the selection of photo frames that we have available to us.  I am so excited to offer these to everyone here in Misawa.  The Organic Bloom has so many styles and colors available that there is something for everyone!

Here are the styles and colors that are available. I do have some samples at my house too!  If you are interested in these frames, please email me at

Teresa Hart Photography

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Today I got the pleasure of photographing beautiful twin girls!! I have soft spot for twins since I have a set myself.  I always enjoy meeting and photographing other families who understand the craziness and fin that comes along with twins!

Thank you so much for choosing me as your photographer!

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