Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hirosaki, Japan May 2010

These are photographs of Hirosaki, Japan. There is a cherry blossom festival there every year. I am so happy I got to visit this year! The cherry blossoms were starting to fall off the trees, but it was still beautiful. Enjoy!








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Evette Mendisabal said...

I am SO envious Teresa. What a fantastic thing to experience. I am going to put that on my "Bucket List." I can't get over how the blossoms look like a carpet on the water. So beautiful. Your images are gorgeous, I especially love the one with the little aqua boat.
My curiosity has spiked. What are the things on the sticks?

Teresa Hart Photography said...

It is great living least for the moment. : ) The blossoms are beautiful when they are fully bloomed but they are also beautiful when they fall and cover the water, etc. Thank you! : )

The things on the sticks are called "mochi". It is rice covered with I don't know what. There are different kinds and they are sweet. I just thought they looked good to photograph.

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