Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The twins are almost 2!! And my son is almost 8!

So, on the 23rd, the twins will be 2 and my son, Mckenzie, will be 8. Yes, that is right, I have 3 birthdays all on the same day! Where has time gone? And why do I still have "baby weight" after 2 years?? I just can't believe how the kids are growing so fast! My daughter will be 12 in July. A teenager next year! Whoa!! My kids get tired of me snapping pictures of them constantly, but I tell them they will be so happy to look back at those pictures one day and remember when they were younger. I really need to start taking more pictures of myself with my kids! That is my new goal! I have a tripod and a remote, so I should be able to manage it! Life goes by so fast and I want to catch all the memories I can!


Katelyn said...

Wow, three birthdays on one day! Happy Birthday to all three!!! Brooklyn is turning one just two days later, YIKES!

Taking pictures with ME in them is something I struggle with too. I have a feeling I will look back on the last six months of her life and be like, really, I have THREE pictures with her and me both in it? And the THREE of family photo since Christmas! I am a bad mommy!

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