Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This weekend I was feeling inspired to change my living room around.  As you know, if you live in base housing, our houses aren't the biggest in the world (not sure on the square footage).  I live in a 4 bedroom H-style, so if you have never seen the living room in these houses, it is pretty much a big rectangle, so it is sometimes challenging to get everything to fit. Also, I have tons of photos and I wanted to add photo groupings to my walls to make them look more full.  I took these photos yesterday and here are a few photos of what I did:

Teresa Hart Photography


Melissa said...

Yes, decorating these houses is a challenge... I think yours is actually smaller than mine LOL! I take so many photos, but don't get them printed. Your walls inspire me:)

Teresa Hart said...

Thanks Melissa! You made my day.

Alice said...

i grew up in base housing in newfoundland, canada. i recall our living room being a rectangle, too - long and skinny. it used to drive my mom nuts :). for some reason, the bedrooms were a decent size, though, so that helped.

i love your pictures. i'm signing up to follow you :)

Teresa Hart Photography said...

Thank you Alice!

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